We’re on a mission to protect and secure the world with the brightest minds where the impossible is just the beginning.

In a world where cyber risks are a constant threat, KATIM delivers trust. It fulfills the increasing demand for advanced, globally competitive cyber capabilities by providing innovative secure communication products and solutions for governments and businesses. KATIM is the sole provider of sovereign cryptography developed in UAE, with postquantum capabilities. Based in Abu Dhabi and having offices in UAE and in Finland, KATIM accelerates digital advancement, nurturing next-generation talent, and curating advanced innovations to solve the most difficult digital challenges for its customers.

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Businesses and governments are subject to constantly evolving security threats, often through mobile communications. Prioritising secure communications becomes critical to protect the most valuable assets: sensitive information and data.

Designed in UAE, KATIM® Secure Communications Platform is ‘SECURE-BY-DESIGN’ so that communications are secure, private and trusted even in the most adverse environments.

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KATIM delivers unimpeachable communication security that anticipates evolving threats and technologies through elite, multi-disciplinary teams of industry experts with prior work experience at the most recognised names in global tech. We are an innovation factory free from legacy constrains.

KATIM team members have innovated more than 50 patents, contributed to countless IETF RFCs and received numerous industry awards from well-recognized parties like Bell Labs.

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KATIM uses a holistic approach, moving security left in this process, removing issues from customers, reducing costs, with less risk of things going wrong for customers.

KATIM delivers compromise free effective security adapted holistically by moving the hurdle to address the complexity, the cost, the know-how. KATIM makes easier for you to have a significantly more secure posture, making security more effective.

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More than 170 enterprise and government groups served in the UAE and abroad use Katim to safeguard their digital estates.


Offices (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Finland, India)


+18 current Patent applications




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Organisations Served


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Because of the complexity and costs, organisations don’t adopt security hygiene consistently and really practically.

KATIM® Secure Communication Platform comes with flexible deployment options, tuned to the requirements of each customer’s project. Our methodology allows security operations tailored to flexible security. We open choices to achieve the right security outcome.

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08 April 2022

CVE-2021-44228 Critical Severity Vulnerability in Apache Log4j Exploited in the Wild

Apache Log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 is a critical zero-day code execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVSS 10.0 critical severity) that allows a threat …

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29 March 2022

Securing DevOps – GRC Perspective

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23 March 2022

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

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17 March 2022

ICS Sensors & Cybersecurity Sensibility – An Engineer’s Handbook

In the modern era of digitalisation, critical societal functions such as distribution of electricity, drinking water, district heating and cooling are …


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